What people are saying

My first Shinrin Yoku

It is with such deep gratitude I write this review. This was my very first Shinrin Yoku and… WOW! What an awesome and humbling experience. I have always loved nature, yet somehow the hustle and bustle of every day life had pulled me away from this sacred and enchanting realm. Ben did such an incredible job leading the group. His style is so disarming as he is a wonderful combination of deep, knowledgeable, honest and humorous. I also truly believe that Ben has a secret language with the animal kingdom as we came across, bears, deer, a fox, a rattlesnake, monarch butteries and many more critters of the forest. Ben’s respect for the animal kingdom and confidence navigating the natural world is truly admirable and comforting. Today I feel so inspired and my connection to the natural world and my own spirit feels renewed and energized. I am really looking forward to the next one!

Ariel Y

I look forward to continuing this practice

I have been on several Shinrin Yoku walks with Ben, and I can honestly say they have changed my life. I have a deeper sense now of the healing abilities a forest has on the human mind & body, thanks to Ben. When I went on the last Shinrin Yoku walk this last Sunday, I started the walk with a painful headache. After participating in the first invitations from Ben during the walk, my headache suddenly vanished. This is just one of the many examples of Shinrin Yoku’s healing abilities. In addition, I find myself thinking of Shinrin Yoku in my every day life. It’s a form of relaxation that has brought a special inner peace to my soul. I look forward to continuing this practice, and learning more from Ben.

Rexanna V

I must say, this was incredibly powerful

I just had my first Shinrin Yoku walk with Ben, not knowing what to expect, and as a person who has not only connected with nature extensively, but is also a holistic professional who has actually lived in a tent for months at a time, I must say, this was incredibly powerful. Nature is a powerful healer and teacher for any sentient being, but often we humans so easily forget how to tap into it in this information-overload culture. Ben’s facilitation and guidance returned me to my deeper knowledge and inner guidance that lies in a balanced and calm central nervous system. The container and structure he created really held me in what ended up being an incredible and visceral healing experience physically, spiritually, and psychologically. I’d recommend doing this once/week to everyone, especially if you live in the city. James P.

James P

I listened to what nature had to say

Shinrin Yoku made me really tune in to nature. I listened to what nature had to say and received answers in the most unexpected places. It was very therapeutic.

Sophia K